Brand 420 • American Homegrown

Brand 420®

    Seeking to promote cannabis culture and the 420 lifestyle with 100% Kind Apparel using ultra premium tees emblazoned with the dopest designs around.  Whether you are about the sustainability of hemp as an industrial crop, a patient enjoying the medical benefits of cannabis, or just a recreational smoker, Brand 420 fits all of us.

It’s our opinion that cannabis has gotten a bad rap, specifically here in the U.S., for far too long, we want to help change that.  We believe in the value of the Cannabis plant and would like to share that belief through our clothing.  Designs reflecting the industrial use, energy potential, and medical benefits cannabis provides.  Ultimately, we would like Brand 420 to give the cannabis community a way to express their support for cannabis, without having to say a word.  We would like to help capture otherwise missed opportunities for positive discussion and thought on the subject,  and we know through the initial design runs that Brand 420 clothing can do just that.

We will be using ultra premium 100% pre-shrunk cotton blanks.  The superior construction of these tees means that your Brand 420 shirt is going to be soft, durable, and comfortable, looking and feeling great for years to come.  Brand 420 just might become your new favorite shirt.

So take a look at our gear and see for yourself what more and more people are coppin’, then… Get Some!