First,  to the fans who have stuck by Brand 420 for so long, either by liking the page on Facebook or following on Twitter…

Big Thanks!  Your support has led to this moment.


It’s a pleasure to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for the Brand 420 Inaugural Line has launched!

With backing levels starting at only $2.00, there is a way for practically anyone to get involved.  

Those of you who have not had an opportunity buy some of the limited runs in the past can now back this campaign and get a Brand 420 shirt of your own along with a grab bag of goodies for a modest price.  There are a few Early bird opportunities where you can get in on either 1, 2, or 5 shirts at $20.00 each!  When you opt for a t-shirt you’ll also get stickers, a lanyard, and a personalized thank you mention on Facebook and Twitter.  All Brand 420 backers will also get their names posted right here on the website in recognition of your vital contribution.  That sounds pretty good for only 20 bucks.  So keep scrolling to find out more about what’s being offered or head on over to the Kickstarter page right now and show some love by supporting this campaign. Help bring Brand 420 out of the garage, and into a store near you!


All Brand 420 Backers get a Thank You mention on Facebook and Twitter as well as a spot on the Vital Contributors page, right here at Brand

  • Weathered wood deck

The Shirts

  • Weathered knotty wood

Stretch Rewards

New items will be unlocked every $1500.00 above the initial goal. 

  • Weathered wood deck